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Winter Cream (coldness and dampness) 75 ml - Sports Akile´ne

Outdoor, Wintersports

Protects the skin from coldness and dampness
Prevents the development of chilblains and frostbites
Can be applied on face, hands and feet
Activates blood micro-circulation
Rich but non-greasy formula

75 ml

Price : $24.95 (CAN)

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Nok Cream (anti-chafing) 75 ml - Sports Akile´ne

- Strengthens and protects the skin from chafing.
- For people with skin to skin or skin to equipment contact during sports (running shoes, ski-boots, cycling shorts, skates etc ...).
- Improves the skin's elasticity and resistance.

Properties : Protects the skin from chafing (feet, groin fold, between the legs, underarms, breats ...) prevents redness, blisters. To be used especially for marathons, triathlons, cross country skiing etc, should be used starting 20 days prior to competition.

75 ml

Price : $22.95 (CAN)

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CLEAN Shower Gel 150 ml - Sports Akile´ne

- Convenient : 2 in 1 Product for hair and body wash
- Tonifies and makes sport recovery easier
- For all hair types
- Mild formula respecting the body pH and perfect for frequent uses

150 ml

Price : $23.95 (CAN)

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Relax Cream (body relaxant) 75 ml - Sports Akile´ne

Relieves muscular fatigue after sports without lengthy massage.
Can also be used before sports to looser stiff muscles.

75 ml

Price : $21.95 (CAN)

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Start Warm-up Gel (deep heat) 75 ml - Sports Akile´ne

- Thanks to its original formula, START Cream is the ideal warm-up cream.
- It supplies an instant heating effect and helps to protect the skin from cold weather conditions.
75 ml

Price : $21.95 (CAN)

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SANZO Lotion 200 ml - Sports Akile´ne

- No water needed, nor rinsing
- Asepticizes and perfumes
- Hands & Body use
- Fresh scent.


200 ml

Price : $17.95 (CAN)

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TANO Foot Tanning Lotion 100 ml - Sports Akile´ne


- Strengthens and hardens foot skin.
- Accelerates the natural process of foot tanning.
- Specially recommended for endurance sports (ultra distance, trekking, marathon).

100 ml

Price : $16.95 (CAN)

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Kimas Massage Oil 200 ml - Sports Akile´ne

KIMAS is an oil with high content of Arnica and grape seed oil. The use of KIMAS Oil makes the muscular work process easier and protects the skin thanks to the forming of a protective film.

Non -greasy texture and quick penetration.

200 ml

Price : $21.95 (CAN)

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