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Arch Bandage - Pedifix

Helps relieve pain from heel spurs & plantar fasciitis
Supports weak, flat, & fallen arches
Reduces pressure on bunions -- big and little toe
Often helps soothe pain from neuromas
Makes shoes more comfortable
Gentle forefoot compression relieves multiple foot ailments.

1 Bandage per pack.
Washable and reusable.
Size availlable : small / medium / large /extra-large

Price : $29.95 (CAN)

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Arch Binders with Metatarsal Pads - Pedifix

Provides mild midfoot & forefoot compression with metatarsal support
Improve structural positioning and foot balance
Helps relieve pain from neuromas, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, metatarsalgia and bunions
Fit comfortably in most footwear
Cotton-covered elasticized construction

Price : $40.95 (CAN)

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Ankle Lok (1 unit) - Swede-O

1 Ankle Brace per pack

Price : $42.95 (CAN)

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Felt Metatarsal Pads - Pedifix

- Cushions & protects ball-of-foot
- Supports & stabilizes metatarsal heads & shafts
- Gradually conforms to individual foot contours
- Soft, durable, 100% wool felt
- Self-adhesive backings keep them in place in footwear

Metatarsal support that fits in every shoe.

Price : $18.95 (CAN)

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Arch Brace - Pedifix

Soothes with Soft Terrycloth

* Helps relieve heel pain
* Supports flat feet & fallen arches
* Makes shoes comfortable
* Fits in most footwear styles

1 unit

Price : $20.99 (CAN)

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