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Nighttime Bunion Regulator

Aligns big toe for maximum comfort
Counteracts the strain that causes pain & deformity
Works While You Rest or Sleep
Doctor-recommended to patients who don't want bunion surgery

size 1: (M2½-4½ / W3½-5½)
size 2: (M5-7½ / W6-8½)
size 3: (M9-13½ / W9-13½)

Price : $45.95 (CAN)

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Heel Straights - Pedifix

Control heel posture to reduce foot aches, pains.
- Properly position & stabilize heels to relieve excess pressure on feet, ankles, knees & back
- Control pronation to ease arch strain
- Help feet feel & function better
- Help support flat feet
- Help reduce uneven shoe wear

1 Pair

Price : $11.99 (CAN)

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Hammer toe crest leather (1 unit) - Pedifix

Cushion & support hammer, claw, mallet, arthritic and bent-under toes
Help ease ball of foot pain often associated with hammer toes
Relieve toe-tip corns, pressure
Suede Leather top covers

1 unit

Price : $14.99 (CAN)

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Felt Metatarsal Pads - Pedifix

- Cushions & protects ball-of-foot
- Supports & stabilizes metatarsal heads & shafts
- Gradually conforms to individual foot contours
- Soft, durable, 100% wool felt
- Self-adhesive backings keep them in place in footwear

Metatarsal support that fits in every shoe.

Price : $18.95 (CAN)

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Visco-Gel Hammer Toe cushion (1 unit) - Pedifix

Visco-Gel® Hammer Toe cushion help relieve hammer, mallet or arthritic toes, easing pressure on toe tips and reducing stress on metatarsal shafts. Help improve gait to make walking easier and more comfortable.

- Proprietary Gel releases mineral oil onto skin surface to soothe, soften
- Relieve painful hammer, claw or mallet toe conditions, takes pressure off toe tips
- Reduce pressure on toe-tip corns
- Strechable toe loop keeps Crest in place, will not break
- Durable, hypoallergenic, washable, re-usable

1 unit

Price : $14.95 (CAN)

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Toe trainers - Pedifix

Straighten crooked or overlapping toes
Separate & align toes that rub
Splint adjacent toes
Relieve 'hammer toe' pain
Help shoes fit & feel better
Gently divide and align problem toes.

2 Splints
One Size Fits Most

Price : $11.95 (CAN)

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