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Refreshing & purifying mist (sweaty feet-fungus) 120ml

The mist allows for deodorizing as well as prevents risks of bacterial proliferation.

Price : $21.95 (CAN)

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Anti-perspiring deodorant foot cream 50 ml - Akile´ne

- Helps to regulate and control the sudiforous flow in the feet.
- Helps kill bacteria and fungus.
- Excellent for heavily perspiring feet and feet with fungus and related conditions.

50 ml

Price : $15.95 (CAN)

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Foot bath tablets (with essential oils) - Akile´ne

- Soothing, relaxing, deodorizing and anti-bacterial.
- Calms and comforts feet.
- Bubble up into a foamy green beautifully scented luxurious foot bath.

7 tablets of 12 g per box

Price : $19.95 (CAN)

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Anti-fungal foot powder 75 g - Akile´ne

Lavender powder
- Dries
- Softens
- Deodorizes

75 g

Price : $13.95 (CAN)

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Freshness Marine Crystals SOLUTION (Eucalyptus & Wintergreen) - PRO SIZE 2 k

Freshness Marine Crystals SOLUTION (Eucalyptus & Wintergreen) - PRO SIZE 2 k


Price : $59.95 (CAN)

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SOLUTION Perspiration (Eucalyptus & Wintergreen) 120 mL

It has refreshing and calming properties that soothe rashes and promote scarring wounds between toes.

Price : $22.95 (CAN)

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Anti-fungal shoe spray 150 ml - Akile´ne

- Refreshes and deodorizes shoes, boots and sandals.
- Helps to prevent development of bacteria.

150 ml

Price : $20.95 (CAN)

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Black Spray (deodorizes) 150 ml - Akile´ne

Soothes plantar overheating.
Pleasantly refreshes feet.
Prevents germ contamination

"3 in 1" spray

150 ml

Price : $23.95 (CAN)

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Anti-fungal foot powder spray 150 ml - Akile´ne

- Helps absorb excess perspiration
- Helps to kill bacteria and fungus.
- Coats and soothes feet with powder to absorb excess perspiration.
- Can be sprinkled on feet and in shoes or boots.

150 ml

Price : $20.95 (CAN)

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Instant deodorant foot spray 100 ml - Akile´ne

- Regulates, Deodorizes and refreshes the feet.
- Controls the sudiforous flow in the feet.
- Recommended for feet that perspire heavily.
- Purges the epidermis of toxins and perspiration.

100 ml

Price : $16.95 (CAN)

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