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Products > Skin care > Nok Cream (anti-chafing) 75 ml - Sports Akile´ne

Nok Cream (anti-chafing) 75 ml - Sports Akile´ne

Product number : LAR2362

Picture of Nok Cream (anti-chafing) 75 ml - Sports Akile´ne

Price : $22.95 (CAN)

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  • Strengthens and protects the skin from chafing. 
  • For people with skin to skin or skin to equipment contact during sports (running shoes, ski-boots, cycling shorts, skates etc ...). 
  • Improves the skin's elasticity and resistance.


Properties :
Protects the skin from chafing (feet, groin fold, between the legs, underarms, breats ...) prevents redness, blisters. To be used especially for marathons, triathlons, cross country skiing etc, should be used starting 20 days prior to competition.


Natural Shea Butter

75 ml

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