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Products > Skin care > Kimas Massage Oil 200 ml - Sports Akile´ne

Kimas Massage Oil 200 ml - Sports Akile´ne

Product number : LAR2369

Picture of Kimas Massage Oil 200 ml - Sports Akile´ne

Price : $21.95 (CAN)

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KIMAS is an oil with high content of Arnica and grape seed oil. The use of KIMAS Oil makes the muscular work process easier and protects the skin thanks to the forming of a protective film.

Non -greasy texture and quick penetration.

  • Prepares muscles before any efforts.
  • Optimizes recovery.

- For sportsmen/women willing to recover fast and efficiently.
- For people practicing sport again after a long stop.

How to use?

  • Before sport with slight and toning massages on the muscles with special needs.
  • After sport with deeper and relaxing massages.

200 ml

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