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Products > Muscle pain > Pain relieving gel (Spray Net Wt. 4Fl. oz / 118 ml) - Biofreeze

Pain relieving gel (Spray Net Wt. 4Fl. oz / 118 ml) - Biofreeze

Product number : VITBICAS04001

Picture of Pain relieving gel  (Spray Net Wt. 4Fl. oz / 118 ml) - Biofreeze

Price : $23.95 (CAN)

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BIOFREEZE® is greaseless, stainless with no lingering odor.

BIOFREEZE®   helps relieve

  • Back and Neck
  • Pain  Hip, Leg, Knee
  • Pain Sore Muscles 
  • Painful joints
  • Arthritis Pain 
  • Sports Injury
  • Pain Muscle Sprain 
  • Shoulder-Arm Discomfort

An internationally known chemist developed BIOFREEZE® with ILEX while experimenting with several formulations to relieve his grandmother's arthritis pain. His work led him to the herb ILEX, which is extracted from a holly shrub grown in South America and used by the Paraguay Indians. Upon further refinements, this complex, exotic and powerful formulation ultimately became BIOFREEZE® WITH ILEX.

BIOFREEZE® relieves pain by using cold therapy. This long lasting, penetrating pain relief can last up to several hours. Pain-free muscles heal faster.

Those who benefit the most are people who suffer from back pain, sore muscles and arthritis sufferers. BIOFREEZE® helps relieve pain associated with auto- and work-related injuries, sports injuries and for all those who have a tendency to overuse or misuse their muscles and joints.

Many Health Care Professionals recommend that their patients use BIOFREEZE® for maximum pain relief between office visits. BIOFREEZE® is not sold in retail stores. It is sold directly to health car professionals for their patients.

BIOFREEZE® maximizes Cryotherapy® (Cold Therapy) which has long been acknowledged by the medical community as an effective therapy to help reduce daily aches and pains.

Spray Net Wt. 4 Fl. oz / 118 ml

Other sizes available:

  • 3 Fl. oz / 82 g (Roll On)
  • 4 Fl. oz / 110 g (Tube)
  • 16 Fl. oz. / 448 g (Pump)
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